Surrey as a Rock ‘n’ Roll Hot-House

In the English County of Surrey there has been no history of musical fusion to mould events, nor has there been any recent history of musical integration from foreign shores. There has been no deep-felt religious musical traditions to keep things alive. So what makes Surrey such a creatively lucrative landscape for young rock artists? Why was living in Surrey and working in Surrey so inspirational for the rock ‘n’ roll pioneers? Why has Surrey developed so many exciting bands ?

Surrey has spawned groups like Genesis and Paul Weller. It fed the talent of The Rolling Stones. The County gave succour to The Beatles. It brought musicians together – in many different styles. Super-groups like Blind Faith were created – to work on new innovative projects and to develop and define new styles. The “Surrey Delta” produced many of the musicians of the 1960’s British blues movements. Surrey has given the world three of the most famous guitarists in rock history: Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page. Surrey provided the breeding ground for the genre known as ‘Blues Rock’ – and this triggered the global explosion of ‘Heavy Metal.’  

This is my personal exploration of Surrey as a rock ‘n’ roll hot-house. 

I encourage you to share your memories, thoughts, words and feedback with me. Contact me via this site or via my facebook page.  

2 thoughts on “Surrey as a Rock ‘n’ Roll Hot-House

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