Wicked Venetians in Staines

The Wicked Venetians are a trio of West London/ Surrey based musicians: Sam – (vocals, guitar & keys) James – (bass, guitar & vocals) and Steph (drums.) Just signed to Glasstone Records, they are already working on their first mini-album.

We were lucky enough to catch them playing live at the Hobgoblin, Staines with the wonderful beer-soaked celtic-punk outfit The Lagan

S0086084Sleepless’ is a restless waltz. A fascinating nocturnal fantasy. At the Hob the vocals were stifling hot, softly sublime – and angelically downy. Sounding something like the wings of a seraph dipped into hot buttered rum. Guitars were scintillating affairs. Lights playing on rippled surfaces – sparkling cymbals – and bass notes of coal. Played live, this piece was stunning. It quickly picked up towards the end … moaning and squirming like a dying mutant soul. It became a grotesquely writhing thing – a twist of winding, tortured agony.

Sam’s voice dips lower than a rat bite in some numbers. Songs like ‘Hell ‘ are often the most airy-punk, rocking ditties. But the operatic luxury is never far away. Take your eyes off them for just a moment … and the Wicked Venetians will be nobly frothing their hearts out … pontificating their sounds to an adoring crowd. Like the masquerading cavaliers we know them to be.

Sam is always close to straining his own tessitura – his voice an amalgam of silvery scales and elegant moonshines. Perhaps the falsetto can be a bit overwhelming. For some. But it certainly raises each piece to the upper echelons of pop. Maybe outside of your normal expectations or your comfort zones. It’s glamorous, adventurous and pompous. But somehow soothing. A bit like ‘Muse’ on barbiturates.

Often, their songs seem to be inspired by a love that has been freed from ignorance and folly. Succulent pieces such as “Justine” are triumphs of beauty and visions of joy.

It was a whimsical extravaganza of epic proportions. And as corrupting as any psychoactive addiction. Best to treat them with care then. Their sounds can become quite addictive.

– © Neil_Mach September 2013 –



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