Truth About Vegas

Fresh from an exhilarating seven date UK tour, the Walton-on-Thames based lads ‘Truth About Vegas’ played the Hob, Staines on Saturday night. Their EP titled “Alcoholiday” is out now and features some fine song-writing and catchy numbers.

DSC_0553Their opening number at the best music venue in Staines was the immensely satisfying ‘Breathe In Breathe Out’ with it’s slightly sneering attitude (reminiscent of ‘The Clash’) and a protesting under-current. This song seems to be about lifting oneself up – to summon the courage that is necessary – before you go out to claim what you deserve. It’s a song of strength and determination.

The back-beats munched deep, the guitar swats were extremely clear and sharp, and that liquid lead guitar work from Jacob was thoroughly eviscerating.

The melodious chorus of this song was exciting and magnificent too . This was a big number from a memorable act – and a great start to the night.

It Really Hurts’ has some wonderfully tight drum-work right from the outset (by Sean) and this percusssion was intuitively spliced with some creative guitar lines. The main vocal started out ponderously – but this is a piece that swells, stretches and pours out … it’s rather like an overflowing house party. And so, when this song started to flourish, it radiated the beatific – almost stately – voice of Joe Sharman.

His words and phrases had meaning and melancholy, nestled between the burning guitars and the tumbling drums. Soon the bristles on the backs of our necks began to rise, while the palpitations ran through our hearts and caused our knees to wobble. It was a sensational number.

The angelic anguish continued with several other new tunes. The band sounded capable and insightful through the whole of their act ( reminding us of ‘The Offspring’) and their songs remained highly passionate and sincere (reminding us of ‘Fountains of Wayne’.) It was a thoroughly enjoyable and encouraging show … TAV totally wowed the partying Staines-on-Thames audience.

Expect a lot more from this talented group !

– © Neil_Mach February 2014 –


Check the recent interview with TAV here:

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