Good Old Boys in Staines

The Good Old Boys were on fine form last night at the Riverside Club Staines – 22ND JANUARY 2015.

These champions of rock ‘n’ roll are consistent, knowledgeable and incredibly accomplished musicians.

But, perhaps, after all these years of gigging, one might expect their efforts to be time-worn, devoid of freshness … maybe even predictable.

Richard Hudson - potent mix of passion and rhythm...

Richard Hudson – potent mix of passion and rhythm…

But you would be so, so wrong. This band is fresher, brisker & actually more perky than bands half their age. Maybe it’s that potent mix of passion and rhythm (qualities that define a life in music) – that powers through the veins of these old ‘sons of guns’ and gives them a true lust for life …

There was never a sluggish moment in the very full show at Staines. The lads were motoring … right from the start.

It was a thoroughly amazing mix of vim and unbridled vitality… When we watched those veteran musicians rock out – sweating buckets – (just as they did when they were in their teens) it made us smile. It made us believe in the power and the longevity of rock ‘n’ roll.



Stand out moments at the Staines gig last night included the wonderfully waltzing “It’s Only Make Believe” made famous by Billy Fury in 1964 (written by Conway Twitty in 1958.) This song was lifted perfectly by Alan’s wonderfully soft, yet convincingly mature and caring voice.

“Hush” was really exciting too. This song was written by Joe South in 1967 and became a success for Deep Purple in 1968. The Old Boy’s version had great power and authority… plus a soulfulness and honesty that gives our hearts a thrill.

We also loved the Hudson-Ford number “Pick Up The Pieces” (1973) which not only capitalized on Richard’s amazing drum work, but also demonstrated his beautiful vocal delivery.

The guitar work of Simon and Peter was exemplary and completely invigorating. Especially on tracks like “Oh Well” (Fleetwood Mac) and many of the earlier rock ‘n’ roll numbers. We loved the Johnny Kidd and the Cochran material too!

What a night. What a band!



@neilmach 2015 ©

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