Five Surrey Musicians Feature on M:89 Records Lost Songs Compilation

The Lost Songs campaign aims to seek out the very best songs that have been written but never recorded. The album was recorded at Metropolis Studios where an average of 50% of the UK’s Top 40 Chart is recorded, mixed or mastered.

It will be released on M:89 Records.

The brainchild of Ticking Tree’s songwriter ‘ADMAN’ Lost Songs is there to find the John Lennons, Adeles and Freddie Mercurys that are hidden and have so far gone unnoticed. Both Adele and Mercury have recorded at Metropolis — the world’s largest independent recording complex, but the facility also places high priority on supporting the developing artists of the future.

The Lost Songs campaign aims to seek out the very best songs that have been written but never recorded ...

The Lost Songs campaign aims to seek out the very best songs that have been written but never recorded …

ADAM PICKARD is a 27-year-old singer songwriter from Staines, now living in Chertsey. He went to Thamesmead School. Adam’s ‘Lost Song’ titled You’re The One On My Mind was actually written when he spent a year in Sydney. Adam is a songwriter @EmergeMedia.

ELEANOR FOUNTAIN wrote her ‘Lost Song’’ titled Tear Me Apart which was inspired by a boy she once had feelings for a year ago when she was living in West Wales. Upon moving to Guildford, Eleanor soon found out about the ‘Lost Songs’ project and instantly thought of Tear Me Apart’ Fully immersing herself in the music world, Eleanor draws influence from many sides of the musical spectrum, from Kate Bush to Taylor Swift.

GUSTIN FORDE moved to Guildford five years ago to study guitar at The Academy Of Contemporary Music. Now performing in a function band alongside his teaching work, Gustin has his sights set firmly in the music world. Gustin’s ‘Lost Song’, Everyday, was written whilst he was doing his dissertation at ACM as part of the songwriting section of his course.

Having struggled with health issues, CHARLOTTE LEE’S ‘Lost Song’, Let The Light In, was actually written about herself, although she didn’t release it at the time of writing. Hoping to help others who find themselves in her situation, Charlotte’s message is to enjoy life as you only have one.

Originally hailing from Lingfield, Surrey, co-writers FREDDIE WORTLEY AND MAX THILO from band Sweet Revenge now reside in Guildford where they are both studying at The Academy Of Contemporary Music. Their ‘Lost Song’ titled ‘You’ve Got It‘ was written and recorded as a demo in just two hours.


The music industry contributes £15 billion to the world economy. But there would be no industry at all without one core element: the song. Without songwriters and the songs they create, the music industry would not exist.

The song goes way beyond the commercial though; it offers the world a common language. It unites us and evokes our most memorable moments; it is the soundtrack to our lives.

If you have the Lost Song that the world needs to hear check out

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