ACADEMY OF CONTEMPORARY MUSIC Secures Lease for The Electric Theatre, Guildford

THE ACADEMY OF CONTEMPORARY MUSIC (ACM), the world leader in music industry education, has announced that it is to take a 20-year lease charge for the Guildford arts venue known as The Electric Theatre.

electric theatre

electric theatre

ACM’s 21-year history and 10,000 alumni legacy has made it a major player in the Guildford community, having generated and invested more than £110 million in the Guildford district during its time.

Providing a platform for the many talented musicians who have passed ACM’s doors, including Ted Dwane of Mumford & Sons and local boy Newton Faulkner, The Electric Theatre has has already played an important role in the success of the prestigious college of music.

During a consultation period led by Guildford Borough Council, ACM gained 1,500 signatures supporting its proposal, including an endorsement by Robin Hutchinson MBE (Director and Trustee of The Rose Theater in Kingston) and George “Funkadelic” Clinton, the “Godfather” of Funk.

ACM’s progressive approach to music education is its ultimate selling point; Overcoming the gap between what the industry requires and what education has traditionally given.

acm-logoFrom its pioneering end-to-end proposition with the world’s largest record and content creation complex, Metropolis Studios, to its dedicated Industry Link department (which is committed to finding the the rarest, most exclusive work experience, internships and jobs for students and alumni) — the ACM is setting the pace for innovation in education.

With the addition of The Electric Theatre to its facilities, ACM is proud to announce its position as the first provider to offer a real-world recording complex (Metropolis), a real-world radio station with DAB broadcast license (Eagle3, run in partnership with the independent radio company, UKRD) and now, a real-world arts venue.

This commercial exposure, coupled with academic lectures delivered by a world-class faculty of teaching facilities, means that ACM students embody the “learning by doing” ethos.

Having secured the lease for the Electric Theater, ACM hopes to work with the local community to offer a rich program of activities, along with improving the experience and opportunity of ACM students.

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