Red E. Lewis and the Red Caps

The first line-up of ‘Red-E-Lewis And The Redcaps’ included guitarist Bobby Oats and drummer Jimmy Rook.

The band was fronted by singer Willie Stubbs.

They played a few gigs at Ebbisham Hall in Epsom – and young Jimmy Page met them there. He hung out with the band – and even borrowed Bobby’s guitar.

Following a few personnel changes within the band, the Redcaps manager contacted Jimmy  and offered him the position as lead guitarist with the band. The band morphed into “Neil Christian and the Crusaders” and Jimmy played for this band for a while too- until he fell seriously ill with glandular fever. He had to leave the band whilst they were on tour.  After this set-back Jimmy enrolled himself into a course at Sutton Art College.


I acknowledge the ‘Obscure Bands of the 50’s and 60’s’ Blog for some of these facts:

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