Yardbirds For Your Love

The ‘Yardbirds’ cut two singles in the 1960’s. One of these – “For Your Love” – sold over a million copies and was their first recording success. The single was written by multi-instrumentalist and composer Graham Gouldman – later of 10cc. (Gouldman also wrote the Sixties chidren’s favourite “No Milk Today” for ‘Herman’s Hermits.’)

The Gouldman song was a Beatles-style, pop influenced song. It had bongo rhythms and simple strumming chords. It had a catchy chorus and a shimmy-shimmy beat that caused the girls to scream. It was a great song. But Eric Clapton did not see the single that way. He thought it was a sell-out and a rip-off. He figured he had joined the ‘Yardbirds’ to play the blues. And he felt robbed and cheated by the change of direction. In a fit of pique he left the band in protest. Never to look back.

Clapton continued to participate in John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers and later he joined the line-up of ‘Cream.’  But his sudden departure from the ‘Yardbirds’ left an opening for a lead guitarist. And Clapton had already recommended, as a fitting replacement, the session man he had met at the MarqueeJimmy Page.

But Page was still worried about his poor state of health and reluctant to give up his lucrative day job as a session-man. So, in turn, he recommended his pal, Jeff Beck, for the job in the band. Just a couple of days after Clapton’s departure – in March 1965 – Beck played his first gig with the ‘Yardbirds.’



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